Completing a Performance Review as a Co-Planner

During the creation of a Performance Review Profile, Admins can enable the option for reviewers to invite Co-Planners to help them complete their reviews.

If you have been invited as a co-planner, you can access your reviews by going to the Team Workspace and selecting Performance Reviews -> My Co-Planner Reviews in the left navigation bar.

Under the My Co-Planner Reviews tab, find the incomplete reviews in question and click on the blue Review Now button.

On the next page, you will see all users whose profiles are ready to be reviewed by you. Just click on the Review Now button of each user to go into their profile.


Under the Reviews tab, you can start adding your review. To begin reviewing your employee, click on the arrow next to the Review Section to add a rating and a review.

Once you have finalized your review, don't forget to click on the Release button at the bottom!

Please note that once you release your review, you won't be allowed to make any changes. The review will appear now as completed/ pending approval (if an approval process is in place) and the only available option will be to view it and not to edit anything.

The Holistic Dashboard is a quick view of the user's dashboard and by clicking either the user's profile image or the View profile option, you will be redirected to the profile page of the user where you can view all his/her certificates/badges. 


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