Completing the Self Assessment as a Regular User

If your Admin has turned on the option for Self Assessments in the Training Development Settings, you as an Academy Member can add your own assessments to skills for managers to see. To complete a self-assessment, go to the Learner Workspace and select Development -> Skills in the left navigation bar.

You can assess yourself in any of the skills showing up by clicking on the New Assessment button. Adjust the score by sliding the bar. Make sure you are objective about this. You can also write a comment to help justify your assessment.

You can make up to 30 assessments per skill per month. Please note that self-assessment tries can be set from 1 to 30 per month based on the settings that your admin has applied for your academy.

If you click on the arrow next to a skill you will be able to see a graph that shows you the skill's self-assessment scores over time. By clicking the "View Assessments" subtab, you can see all the self-assessments you have performed for this skill.



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