Creating a Poll

In Schoox, you can track feedback or opinions by creating polls. Polls are anonymous but will give you an overall view of specific topics. You have the option to create standalone polls or connect polls with specific courses, learning paths, events, or even groups.

Setting up a Poll

To set up a standalone, course, or learning path poll, select Training Admin in the workspace launcher. Under Polls on the left, select your desired type of poll from the choices presented.


Select Create Poll.

For a course or learning path poll, you'll first need to select the course or learning path to which this poll belongs.

Give the poll a title and a description.

Then you can decide whether or not the members (or just admins) will be able to view the Poll results, by toggling the Users can view the poll results checkbox. If the poll is part of course or learning path, choose if you need the poll is required.

  • Having the Users can view the poll results checked will only allow users to see the results of the close-ended questions, and not the open-ended ones.

The next step is to add some questions to your Poll. You can add as many questions as you'd like by clicking on the Add Question button. 

You have the option to combine the following different types of questions:

  • closed-ended questions, having all of the possible answers predefined.
  • open-ended questions, where users are able to submit their own answers, instead of having to choose between predefined answers.

By clicking the add answer plus sign, you can add as many answers as you'd like.

  • Each closed-ended question needs to have at least two answers.
  • You can delete an answer by clicking its "x" button
  • You can reorder the answers' sequence with a simple drag and drop.

Save when finished.

Note: by default, your poll is in private mode. To make it visible to your employees you have to publish it by flipping the Public toggle to Yes.

Standalone Polls

You can create a poll for your academy members to weigh in on as a collective. This poll can have an expiration date if needed, to set a cutoff on responses.

Course Polls 

You can create a poll as a step of a course. You can decide if the poll will be needed for the course completion or not.

Note: Course polls have no expiration date.

Learning Path Polls

You can create a poll as a part of a learning path. You can decide if the poll will be needed for curriculum completion or not.

Note: Learning path polls have no expiration date.image__10_.png


1.4 Group Polls 

You can also create a Poll that will be available to all members of a particular group.

Please note that you have also the option to upload an Image for your Group-Poll to replace the default thumbnail! This option is available under the “Manage Polls” menu.

1.5 Event Polls

Once the event has been completed, the registrants will receive an email notification inviting them to tell their opinion about the specific event. 


Once they click on the Participate now button, they will be redirected to the polls page of the specific event and they can Take the Poll.


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