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September 26 Release

This update consolidates several pages to bring more efficiency to assigning and unassigning. In addition, interactions should feel snappier due to adjustments to the code, which also affects reassign functionality.

The following pages will be merged:

  • Assign Training
  • Assign Multiple Courses
  • Assign Multiple Learning Paths

As well as those for unassignment:

  • Unassign Training
  • Unassign Multiple Courses
  • Unassign Multiple Learning Paths

Assigning and Unassigning

Select Admin/Manage/Reporting in the top navigation bar. On the left, select Online Training. There you will see Assign Training and Unassign Training.

Selecting Assign Training, for example, reveals the changes implemented. You can choose between courses and learning paths, then search and filter for specific items.


To assign a course (the unassignment process is very similar) check the boxes next to each appropriate course. Select Load More at the bottom to extend the list.


Select Next.


Proceed as you would normally by either assigning individuals or creating an advanced assignment rule.


It is currently not possible to assign multiple courses or learning paths to groups. Group assignment is possible only when assigning a single course or learning path.

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