Gadgets by Workspace

Each workspace (except for the Development Admin workspace) has its own set of gadgets that can appear on its home page.

Gadgets Learner Social Team Training Admin Development Admin Academy Admin
Announcements X   X   N/A X
Calendar X   X X N/A  
Courses in Progress X       N/A  
Learning Paths in Progress X       N/A  
Learning Path Status per Employee     X   N/A  
Favorite Content X       N/A  
Games   X     N/A  
High Priority Announcements X   X   N/A X
HTML X       N/A  
Latest Content X       N/A  
Leaderboards   X     N/A  
Most Popular Content X       N/A  
My Groups   X     N/A  
My Team's Quick Dashboard     X   N/A  
New Messages X       N/A  
New Newsfeed Posts   X     N/A  
Onboarding X       N/A  
Overdue Courses X       N/A  
Polls X       N/A  
Promoted Content X       N/A  
Promoted Courses X       N/A  
Promoted Learning Paths X       N/A  
Quick Training Dashboard X       N/A  
Recently Awarded Certificates X       N/A  
Recently Viewed Content X       N/A  
Search Bar X       N/A  
Suggested Courses X       N/A  
Suggested Groups   X     N/A  
Trainee Pending OJT X       N/A  
Trainer Pending OJT     X   N/A  
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