Adding LinkedIn Learning Courses into Your Academy

Though there is no official Schoox integration, LinkedIn Learning supports the AICC standard for integration with Schoox. LinkedIn Learning courses and learning paths can be downloaded as AICC packages, ready to be added as lectures into your courses.

This article covers the suggested steps that are required to grant access to the LinkedIn Learning content to all members of the Academy, the launch experience and benefits of the Integration.

Enabling AICC Integration in LinkedIn Learning Account

Step 1: After you log in to your LinkedIn Learning account, if you are not already in the Admin screen, select Go to Admin, then click Me > Integrate.

Step 2: From the side navigation menu, select Add content to your LMS via AICC.
Step 3: Open the Configure AICC panel.
Step 4: Under Hostname(s), enter the Schoox/UKG host name (
Step 5: Set the AICC Integration toggle to "Enabled".

Downloading Course Packages

Option 1: Download Course Packages for the Entire Library

Step 1: In the Integrate interface, open the Download AICC Packages panel.
Step 2: Select your language and library preference.
Step 3: Click Download package to begin the file download.
Step 4: On subsequent visits to this setting, you can download AICC packages for all new courses offered since the last download.

Option 2: Download Individual Course Packages

Step 1: Once you’ve set the AICC Integration toggle to "Enabled", navigate to the Content
tab in the menu bar and select "Library".

Optional: Add content to a learning path or collection by clicking the Add button in the top right-hand corner of your library page.

Step 2: Select a course, collection, or learning path in your library.

Step 3: At the top right-hand side of the course page, click More, and select Download AICC
Package. A zipped version of an AICC package downloads to your computer. You can then
upload this package to your Academy.

Downloaded LinkedIn Learning courses can then be treated as any other lecture in Schoox.

Taking LinkedIn Learning Courses in Schoox

Learners will find LinkedIn Learning courses as they would any other lecture within a course. However, when they select the step a new window will appear, redirecting the learner to the course within the LinkedIn Learning website. They will need to log in with the LinkedIn Learning credentials.

NOTE: To ensure proper communication between LinkedIn Learning and Schoox, the LinkedIn Learning window must be closed by the learner.

To record a certificate from a LinkedIn Learning course, download it from your LinkedIn Learning account and upload it into your Schoox account.

Tracking and Reporting Need-to-Knows

  • There is a Introduction and Conclusion chapter in all LinkedIn Learning courses. The Conclusion chapter is not required to complete the course.
  • Quiz steps are not required to complete the course. Therefore, Exam/Quiz score is not
    available for LinkedIn Learning courses within Schoox - a possible failure in the quiz step
    will not affect the user’s progress/completion.
  • The following are tracked by Schoox
    • Time spent with the LinkedIn Learning window open
    • Number of times each course is accessed
    • Completion — either 0% or 100% complete

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my users log in to access the LinkedIn Learning courses?
Yes, all users must authenticate with LinkedIn Learning to access courses in their Academy/University.
Can my users access LinkedIn Learning courses on a mobile device?
Yes, all users can access their LinkedIn Learning training either in the mobile App or in a mobile browser. However, users must authenticate with LinkedIn Learning to access courses in their mobile device.
If a user navigates to LinkedIn Learning directly, is their activity be sent back to Schoox?
No. In order to communicate activity back to Schoox, content must be launched from the Academy/University. LinkedIn Learning does provide a “Learner Activity Outside LMS” report that specifically highlights any learning activity occurring outside of an LMS session. You may find his report helpful when you consolidate learning in your Academy.
After launching a LinkedIn Learning course from my LMS, what activity gets reported back
to the LMS?
In order to communicate activity back to the Academy/University, you must launch content from the LMS. Both course completions and courses in progress report back to the LMS. The only activity that LinkedIn Learning reports back to Schoox resides in the course the user launched from the LMS. If a user then navigates into other courses, LinkedIn Learning does not report that viewing activity to Schoox. Therefore, users should launch each course viewing from the Academy/University.
Does LinkedIn Learning support Sharable Content Object Reference Model (aka
No. A SCORM content package is a .zip file containing video contents. All LinkedIn Learning content is hosted and viewed on
Can I integrate with LinkedIn Learning if my LMS is behind a firewall?
No. By design, the HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP) requires that an LMS can communicate over the HTTP protocol.


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