Connect Your Organization's Stripe Account for Payments

Stripe is Schoox's payment method of choice. When you buy or sell content in the Schoox Marketplace, you will use Stripe to do so.

Previously, when selling content, the transaction went through Schoox, and reimbursement was necessary. Now you can connect existing Stripe accounts to your Schoox account directly.

Connecting Your Stripe Account

You will first need to have Stripe functionality active in your academy. To activate Stripe in your academy, please contact your Schoox representative or Schoox support.

To connect your Stripe account, then, to your academy, select Training Admin in the workspace launcher. Then, under Financials on the left, Stripe Settings.

Select Connect.

This will take you into Stripe to complete the setup process. Enter your Stripe account's username and password. After completing all necessary fields, your accounts will be linked. 


If information is incomplete or there is an error in the process, a notification will appear. Return to your Stripe account to remedy.

Disconnecting Your Account

To disconnect your account, select Request to disconnect.

Currently there is a limitation with how Stripe integrates with Schoox that requires a little extra work. Requesting to disconnect will let the proper team know, and they will take care of it for you.


Since the transaction is directly between you and Stripe, there is no need for any revenue-sharing contractual agreements between your organization and Schoox.

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