Login Transition to app.schoox.com — FAQs

We are moving the Schoox application to a dedicated subdomain to organize information better and improve navigation. As a result, the URL for your Schoox academy will change from www.schoox.com to app.schoox.com. The corresponding login experience will be simplified from www.schoox.com/login.php to app.schoox.com. This change will go into effect on December 23, 2023.


Why the change?

Moving the application to a subdomain improves the website experience for everyone by better organizing information and improving navigation. This technical update also lets Schoox maintain high overall website performance and security.

What does this mean for my company or my learners?

Users will need to be notified of the new login page at app.schoox.com, and they will need to update any bookmarks or links they have saved to login, or for product pages after they login. If applicable, your training materials or documents that reference www.schoox.com/login.php will need to reflect the new login page.

Will there be redirects? What will happen if a user lands on an old page?

Yes, to help minimize disruption, Schoox will automatically redirect users so that any attempts to reach www.schoox.com/login.php or www.schoox.com product pages will go to the app.schoox.com domain instead. The Schoox website will continue to have a Login link at the top; however, end users should be directed to the new login page for the most efficient experience.

How will training materials be affected by the change?

Schoox training documentation will reflect the change to login instructions as of the December effective date. Any custom training materials that are unique to your academy will need to be edited to replace "schoox.com/login" with "app.schoox.com."

We use SSO or have a custom URL for our Schoox academy. How will we be impacted?

The login pages for academies with SSO or custom URLs will not be affected, however once a user logs in, the product pages will also reflect the change to app.schoox.com.

Should I whitelist anything and ensure there are no security issues?

You should have already whitelisted *.schoox.com which included app.schoox.com. If you whitelisted just www.schoox.com, you'll need to whitelist app.schoox.com as well.


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