Adding Shortcuts to the Sidebar

It is possible to add shortcuts in the right sidebar. This will give easier access to certain parts of the academy.

To activate the shortcuts in the academy:

1. Make sure the Feature Flag for shortcuts is turned on for this Academy

2. Turn on the Shortcuts in the Academy Admin Control Panel

As an Academy Admin you can decide which shortcuts are available in the sidebar by going to the Admin Workspace and select Settings -> Control Panel. Under Page Shortcuts you can use the toggle to chose which options are available.

3. Set up the Shortcuts in your profile settings

To show the shortcuts in the sidebar, go to your profile picture on the top right and go to Settings. In the right panel, select Sidebar. Toggle Show shortcuts in the right sidebar to On and select which shortcuts you would like to see.

The shortcuts available to you depend on the shortcuts your Academy Admin made available, as well as your permissions.

Click on Save Widget to save the shortcuts and Save Configuration to save the entire setup.

The selected shortcuts will now show up in the right sidebar.

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