Organizing Your Shortcuts

The right sidebar hosts the shortcuts widgets. Shortcuts can be used to quickly navigate to often-used functionalities in your academy. Which shortcuts that appear in the sidebar is determined by both the individual's permissions and which are chosen at the academy and individual level.


Setting the default shortcuts (Admin)

The maximum amount of shortcuts that appear is six. As an admin, you have some say on which shortcuts are available, the default six shortcuts, as well as their default order.

1) Head to the Academy Admin Workspace.

2) Select Settings -> Control Panel in the left navigation bar.

3) Scroll down to Page Shortcuts. 

4) Drag and drop the shortcuts to decide the order in which they appear.


Setting your Shortcuts (User)

As a user, you can personalize the shortcuts available to work with your workflow. You can turn the shortcuts on or off, select which of the available shortcuts show, and create your own ourder.

1) Go to Settings under your profile picture.


2) Select Privacy and Preferences.

3) Scroll down to Sidebar.

4) Turn the toggle to Yes to make the shortcuts available. Turn the toggle to Off to hide the shortcut.

5) Only six will be available to each user; toggle those you do not need off first, then toggle those you do want on.  Drag and drop to change the order.

6) Save when finished. Changes will appear upon the next page refresh.


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