Finding your Gadgets

Gadgets per Workspace

If you are used to our old design, you may have used some gadgets on your homepage. The new learner experience allows for a seamless experience to find all needed information, and we have gathered the most popular gadgets used with where to find this information now. This will be updates as we continue in the roll-out of the new learner experience. Also see: Gadgets by Workspace

Learner Workspace


Go to Training -> Calendar


Courses in Progress

Go to Training -> My Training. Courses in progress are found under Training in progress.


Learning Paths in Progress

Go to Training -> My Training. Learning Paths in progress are found under Learning Paths in progress.


Favorite Content

Go to Resources. Favorites are found under Favorites.


Most Popular Content

Go to Resources. Most popular content is found under Most Popular.


Most Popular Courses and Learning Paths

Go to Training -> Catalog. The most popular courses and learning paths are found under Most Popular.

New Messages

Click on the message icon next to your profile.

Overdue Courses

Go to Training -> My Training. You can find a snapshot of the overdue courses under My Analytics Snapshot -> Overdue.


Promoted Content

Go to ResourcesPromoted content is found under Promoted.


Promoted Courses

Go to Training -> CatalogPromoted courses are found under Featured Training.

Promoted Learning Paths

Go to Training -> CatalogPromoted Learning Paths are found under Featured Training.


Quick Training Dashboard

Go to Analytics.


Recently Awarded Certificates

Go to Analytics -> Certificates Progress


Recently Viewed Content

Go to Resources. Recently viewed content is under Recently viewed.


Suggested Courses

Go to Training -> Catalog. Under the Recommendations tab in the top menu, you can find an overview of courses suggested in the Academy.

You can also find automatically generated suggested courses on the bottom of each course their about page.

Trainee Pending On-the-Job Training

Go to Training -> My Training. Unfinished On-the-Job Training is found under Training in progress.


Social Workspace


Go to Games. All games you are allowed to edit are found here.


Go to Leaderboards.


New Newsfeed Posts

Go to Wall.


Suggested Groups

Go to Groups -> Group List.


Team Workspace


Go to Home. Announcements are found under Announcements.


Go to Home. The Calendar is found under Calendar.

Learning Path Status per Employee

Go to My Team Dashboard -> Training. Select Learning Paths in the top menu. Click on the learning path to see the status per employee.

My Team Quick Dashboard

Go to Home. This is found under My Team's Quick Dashboard.

Trainer Pending On-the-Job Training

Go to Home. This is found under Trainer's pending On-the-Job Training


Training Admin Workspace


Go to Home.


Academy Admin Workspace


Go to Home.


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