Overhaul Skills User Interface

Managing your skills will be made easier with the next update. We removed the need for the Industry and Tier to find metrics that fit your needs. Skills can still be added either manually or from the existing database, but the organization is more streamlined. This will help create a clear development path for users based on their jobs and the content they complete by showing them which skills they need to acquire for growth in their career. 

This change is set to happen the first week of June 2024, by when related articles about skills will show the updated steps. The new changes and how to manage skills is explained below:

To add a new skill to your Academy, go to the Development Workspace and select Skills -> Manage Skills in the left panel. Here you can select to manually add skills, or upload skills through our existing database of skills.

After you have added your skills, you can select Map Skills to connect your skills to either Jobs or Courses. Select the eye icon under actions to see the currently mapped skills for this course or job, or to map new skills to it by selecting Add Skill.

After selecting Add Skill, select the skills you would like to connect to the selected job or course. You can set the skill level, which is the expertise someone should have for this role - the options for these are set under the Academy Settings for skills, and further insight can be given when adding the skill. The priority level decides how much each skill 'weighs' for the job or course.

For example, the following screenshot has a priority of 1, 0.25, and 0.75. This adds up to 2 total, making 2 equal to 100%. To figure out how much each skill weighs, you divide the number by the total to get the percentage.

Displaying responsible behaviors at work: 1 out of 2 -> 1 / 2 = 0.5 = 50%

Skill: 0.25 out of two -> 0.25 / 2 = 0.125 = 12.5%

Working with others from a range of backgrounds: 0.75 out of 2 -> 0.75 / 2 = 0.375 = 37.5%

Total: 50% + 12.5% + 37.5% = 100%

Click Map Skills to connect the skills.

You will now see the mapped skills under this job, as well as the desired skill level, priority, and how the skill got added to the Academy. Made a mistake? You can easily remove a skill by selecting Unmap.

Note: Unmapping a skill leaves the priority for the other skills the same, which changes the priority percentage. If we would delete Working with Others in this example, the total priority becomes 1.25 instead of 2, changing the calculations given above.

If there are multiple skills you often use in the same situation, you can Group Skills. Type the name of the group and select Add New to create a new group. To add skills to it, just click on the plus-icon next to the skill. This automatically saves and can later be used to easily map multiple skills.

You can also see which skills are connected to a course by checking the Course Management Panel under Add Skills. The Course Skills connected to an exam will show up in yellow, whereas the skills connected to just the course show up in grey. 

Note: Skills do not get evaluated retroactively. If there are no skills connected when a user takes an exam, and skills later do get connected, the users who took the exam before will not be evaluated on these skills. 

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