Approval Process for Public Registrations

[Planned release: 07/09/2024]

When the Public Registration page is turned on, admins can now require manual approval before a new member is added to the academy. Admins will be able to manage these requests on the new 'Registration Requests' page in Manage Members, as well as receive notifications letting them know who is pending an approval.

This helps academy admins to make sure the appropriate people are added to the academy, as well as make sure that people sign up with the information for their position.

To turn on manual approval, go to the Academy Settings in the Admin Workspace. Under Public Registration and Academy Marketplace, turn on Approve Registrants Manually. When someone signs up using the public registration page, admins will get an email to approve or deny the user.

A list of pending requests can be found under the Manage Members tab in the Admin Workspace.

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