Include both Active and Past Employees in the Same Report

[Planned release: 07/16/2024]

Users with the permission to create and edit reports in the Report Builder now will have a way to include both Active and Inactive (deactivated) members in one report. This way clients can review enrollments, coaching, or other accomplishments made in the Academy for all current and past users.

Initially this will only be available in the following 19 reports. All other reports with user data will be done at a later date

  1. Members

  2. Coaching Sessions

  3. Coaching Forms Detailed

  4. Library Views

  5. Users Permissions

  6. Courses

  7. Courses Due Date

  8. User Steps Course

  9. Courses All Time

  10. Courses Steps All Completions

  11. Courses Count Per User

  12. Curricula Report

  13. Curricula Courses Users Info Report

  14. Curricula Due Date Report

  15. Curricula Count Per User Report

  16. In-Class Training

  17. Live Sessions

  18. Course In-Class Training

  19. Course Live Sessions

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