Assigning Jobs to Academy Members

Assigning jobs in your academy is a fairly painless process, and can be done by administrators and anyone with the Manage Members permission.

Before assigning any Jobs to your Academy Members, make sure that the Jobs and Job permissions are configured correctly. Learn more about Jobs in Schoox:Creating and Deleting Custom / Editable Jobs

A user can only have a Job connected to a location. Before assigning any Jobs, make sure you have assigned the needed locations to your users:Assigning Above Units and Units to Academy Members

Assigning a Job

Select the Academy Admin Workspace. On the left, under Organization, select Manage Team Members.


Select Edit Job next to the individual's name.


In the window that opens, search for (if needed) and select the job or jobs with which this individual should be associated.


Save when finished.


Please note that based on the permissions you have defined for your custom Jobs, you may not be able to assign them under all locations. For more information on this, read: Defining Permissions per Job

Removing a Job

To remove a job from a user, select Edit Job, as you did to assign them the job.

In the window that appears, select the job's x to remove it.


Save when finished.

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