Creating and Deleting Custom / Editable Jobs

Jobs are the various roles or titles throughout your organization. There are two types of jobs in Schoox - Editable and Non-Editable. Non-Editable jobs are automatically created by the system and are associated directly with Units and Above Units. Editable jobs can be created and used as needed.

Add Jobs

To add a job, select the Academy Admin Workspace. Under Organization on the left, select Manage Jobs.


Select Editable Jobs at the top of the page.

Add: In order to add new Editable Jobs, just type their name into the Define Job field, and click Add. - Please note that if the editable jobs are being populated by a custom user feed, they will need to be removed from the feed directly.

Edit: If you want to edit the Custom Job you have created, click on Edit and update the job's title to your preference.

Delete: If you want to delete the Custom Job you have created, click on Delete and then verify your preference on the pop-up window.

Please note that if this job had the Assign permission and users having this job have created automated assignment rules, after you delete this job, those will stay active but will be transferred to the administrator.

It's time to set specific permissions for your editable jobs! To do so, please read also: Defining Permissions per Job

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