How to create a group? [mobile app]

Groups are a very powerful tool to share content and knowledge as well as collaboration. Each group has its own visibility and access rules. To create a new group navigate on the left-side menu and then select Groups. Click on the  "+" symbol and fill in some basic information about your group.


  1. Add the Name of your group (try to give a short and clear title).
  2. Add a Description for your group.
  3. Select the group category. Only users who have access to this category will be able to see this group.
  4. Select if you want the group to have a content library.
  5. Select if you want to allow group members to post on the group wall.
  6. Select if posts should require approval by Admin to become public. When this setting is enabled, the group admins will receive notifications for requests to post to group walls and updates when posts are approved or denied.
  7. Select if group members should be allowed to edit their wall posts.
  8. Select if you want to allow group members to create a discussion thread.
  9. Select the visibility of the discussion threads.
  10. Select if external members can join this group.
  11. Select if you want your group to be a public or a private one.
  12. Select if the members can join the group without an invitation.


Click on the Create Group button when finished!


Important notes:

  • If you assign your group to the "Without Category", all academy members will be able to see it.
  • If the wall posts require approval to become public, please make sure to enable the relevant academy notifications:Academy_settings_for_groups.png
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