Enabling Associating Members with Multiple Above Units or Units

As an academy Admin, you have the option to define with which units or above units your academy members will be associated. You first need to enable it in your academy.

To do so, navigate to the Academy Admin Workspace, expand Settings on the left navigation, then open the Control Panel


Scroll down or search for the Organizational Structure section.


This setting allows you to associate users with multiple (Above) units.

If multiple (above) units associations is unchecked, then you (as well as any user with the Add/ Remove Units permission enabled) will not have the option to add more than one (Above) Units to your academy members.


Please Note: 

  • If the employees were allowed to be associated with multiple (Above) Units up to now and you want to disable the multiple (Above) Units associations for your academy from now on, please contact us (support@schoox.com) in order to clear the current multiple (Above) Unit associations (Users that have more than one (Above) Units tied to their account).
  • The jobs can be moved only if they are compatible. If a user gets moved to an above Unit of different Type, the job(s) will not be kept.

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