Marking Courses/Learning Paths Completed For Multiple Users

As an Academy Administrator, Training Manager, or Manager with the relevant permission enabled (Bulk Complete Training), you are able to mark courses/learning paths as completed for multiple users at once.

To find the Mark as Complete page, navigate to the Team Workspace, expand Self-Paced Training on the left navigation, then select Mark as Complete. From this page, you can select to assign either a Course or a Learning Path.

Individual/Advanced Completion

First, select if you want to assign a Course or a Learning Path. Once you decide click on the relevant tab. The process you will follow from this point on is the same for a Course or a Learning Path.

Use the search bar to find the training you want to mark as 'complete' for the users. Once you find it, click on its name to select it.

Select the users you want to mark as 'complete' on this training. You have two different assignment options: Individual, or Advanced.


Individual completion

To find individuals, use the search field and drop-down filter menus. In order to select an individual, simply click the Plus symbol next to their name in the left-hand column. The user will then appear in the right-hand 'selected' column. To remove an individual from the list, click the Minus symbol.


For the learning paths, you also have the option to either select if you want to mark only the learning paths as completed or both the learning path and its courses. Just set the radio button based on your needs.

Once you have selected the users that you want to mark as 'completed' click on the Mark as Completed button to complete the process. 

Advanced completion

You can select to mark users as 'completed' based on their job and location. To do so, under Advanced selection, select the specific job. Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed.Screenshot_23.png

You can also further filter the users based on custom fields that you have set up for your Academy by clicking the Choose Additional Fields drop-down. 

Last but not least, you can also choose to combine two different groups of users. You can read more on how to combine two user groups here: Combining (un)assignment rules

After you have applied all the needed filters and selections, the number of individuals affected will appear below.

For the learning paths, you can also select if you want to mark only the learning path as 'completed' for both the learning path and its courses. Just set the radio button based on your needs.


Once you have selected the users that you want to mark as 'completed' click on the Mark as Completed button to complete the process. 

Template Completion

If you are an Admin or a Training Manager (if your Admin has allowed you to complete training) you can use a template to mark training as 'completed' for users. To do so, go back to the Manual Completions page. 

First, select if you want to mark a Course or a Learning Path as 'complete'. C lick on the relevant tab and click on the Download Template button.

In the template that you have downloaded, fill in all of the relevant information (such as Course Id, User Id, Completion date, etc.). You can use this template to assign users to a training, mark users as complete by admin, or add/update due dates.

To mark a course as 'completed by admin' you must fill in the below required fields:

1) A unique identifier for each user. You can use the Schoox User ID, Email, or External ID. Just make sure that the field that you are using is a unique identifier for your users.
2) A Course/Learning Path ID for each Course/Learning Path you need to assign. You can find this by populating a Course/Learning Path Report on the Report Builder, or by checking the course's/learning Path's URL.  
3) Ensure the Mark As Completed field includes the "Y" value. 
4) For Learning Paths you also need to fill the Mark Courses As Completed column with an "N" if you only want to mark the learning path as 'completed' and a "Y" if you want both the learning path and its courses marked as 'completed'. 

Once you have filled in the template with the users and training, click on the Upload button and add your template. The process will begin shortly.


  • The template can be used only for current records & completions, not for any past completions.
  • If a completion date is not added, the completion date will reflect the day that the template will be uploaded.
  • When using the template, its format should not be changed. No rows or columns should be added or deleted. If the template's format is changed you will not able to upload it.

Please note that if you mark a course as completed for a user using this functionality, the relevant lectures within the selected Course will not be automatically marked as 'completed'. The same applies to Learning Paths and the Courses within the Learning Paths.

Please note that if the users that you are trying to mark as 'complete' have an active completion, then you will not be able to mark them as 'completed'. These may be cases where a lecture/course was added to the course/learning path while the “Maintain Progress” was set to "no", and the users now have an active completion but with 0% progress. 

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