Sending Announcements

Announcements appear in their gadgets on the Learner, Team, and Academy Admin homepages, as an internal message, as well as via email, if the individual has added theirs to their profile.

After you've selected the type of announcement that you want to send (academy, course, learning path), you are ready to add the desired message and send the announcement to the recipients. The process for each type is the same.

Announcements can be sent either to individuals (By Person) or determined based on their job and location (By Criteria).

By Person

To send announcements to select individuals, search for the recipients and select them by clicking on the “+” symbol.

Add a message in the space provided, add an image/URL, and/or click Upload Attachment to upload documents from your computer.

Please note that in the case of Academy Announcements, two extra options are available. The announcement can be set to appear in the high priority announcement gadget for a specified amount of time. You also have the option to send the announcement as an email notification and displayed on the homepages listed above.

Select  Announce once finished.


By Criteria

Advanced Announcements use filters to send the announcement only to those that match the selected org structure criteria.  Simply use the drop-down menus and select the desired job(s), Above Units(s), and Unit(s). The number of individuals that match the criteria will display below.


Similar to Individual Announcements, you can add a message, upload documents from your computer, mark the announcement as a "High Priority" one, for a specific number of days. "High Priority" announcements appear in their own High Priority Announcements gadget on the home page.

Please note that you have the option to send the announcement only to users who have a specific preferred language selected.


Note: In the case of Academy Announcements, an extra option is available! You have the option to define that announcements shouldn't be sent as a Schoox inbox message, but instead, only as an email notification and displayed on the homepage.


Click on the Send Announcement Now button once finished.


Automated Announcements

You are also able to set it up so the announcement will automatically be sent to anyone who falls within specific parameters.

To create an automated assignment rule, check the box while creating an Advanced Announcement, and give the rule a descriptive name.


At the bottom of the page, then, choose how you'd like to activate the rule — to future matches only, or future and current matches.



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