Defining Performance Reviews Participation

Once you have enabled the Performance Reviews feature for your academy, you, as an Admin, are ready to define which Above Units and Units will participate in this feature, and which managerial jobs will be able to assess learners.

Organizational Settings

The first step is to define which Above Units and Units are eligible for performance reviews. Select the Development Admin Workspace. Under Settings on the left, select Organizational Settings. Filter results and select which of the Above Units, Units. and Jobs will participate in this feature.

Managerial Jobs - Permissions

You'll also need to define which managerial jobs will be able to view and assess employees performance. Select the Academy Admin Workspace. Under Organization on the left, select Set Up Organization.


In the permission lists, make sure Performance Review is checked for the appropriate roles.

Having a correct and solid organizational structure is one of the key factors in the success of Performance Reviews. So do not hesitate to spend a little more time on building a solid org structure and once you are ready feel free to create the Talent Areas for your Reviews. You can always combine your Skills & Goals features with Performance Reviews but having specific, custom areas, that will be based on your business needs is something that can add value to your reviews.

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