Performing an Assessment as a Manager

You, as a manager, are able to assess the skill of the users under your org structure, if your academy’s admin has given you the permission to do so. If you have permission to assess users, there are two types of assessment you can complete: the manual assessment and the requested assessment. To further check these types of assessments and the way they work, just go to the Team Workspace and select Skills in the left menu. Here you will be able to see the Performance Assessment and Track Requests tabs.

Perform Assessment

Perform Assessment is the type of assessment that a manager can complete at any time without being requested to. This type of assessment is not required from a manager, however, it can be completed whenever a manager wants to evaluate the users under his org structure.

To perform an assessment, go to the Skills tab in the Team Workspace and click on Perform Assessment. On this page, all of the members under your organizational structure will be populated.

You can limit the results by using the filtering options and by searching users based on their job and location. Find the users that you want to assess and click on their name.

Once you select a user, you can chose the corresponding tab in the top menu to assess them for:

  • their job (the skills connected with this job),
  • their required skills and
  • nonrequired academy skills 
  • grouped skills

If you select the Jobs tab, all the jobs that this user has that are connected with Skills  will be populated. Click on New Assessment next to your preferred job and assess the user for each one of the skills connected with this user’s job. Alternatively, you can use only the top rating bar and apply the same rating to all of the skills below. Add a comment if needed and, and don’t forget to click Save once finished!

If you select the skills tab, you will be able to assess this user to any of the Academy skills. Just click New Assessment next to the desired skill, apply the rating, add a comment if needed, and click Save.

The average of all your assessments for this particular skill will show up, upon the next page refresh.

Last but not least, you can select to assess a user for their required skills by choosing the corresponding tab. In this tab, you are able to assess all the skills connected with this user’s jobs and also, all the skills that were assigned to this user by an Admin. All of these skills will be populated on this page. You can click New Assessment next to the desired skill, apply the rating, add a comment if you want to, and click Save.

Track Requests

If your Academy Admin has requested you to assess the users under your org structure, you can do so by navigating to the Track Requests page, under the Skills section. On this page, you can see all the requests that your admin made, their Starting Date, their Status, and if they are on time or overdue

Screenshot_31.pngTo complete an Assessment, just click on the Open button and a list with the users under your organizational structure will be displayed on the next page. You can see which users you have already assessed (Completed) and which are available for assessment. To assess a user click on the arrow next to their name and a new box will appear, with all the available skills that you can assess.


To assess a skill, click on New Assessment, assess the user, add a comment if needed and click Save. Once you have completed the assessment of a specific skill, this skill's button will be grayed out, and you will not be able to add a new assessment. However, you can change your original assessment, if you click on the arrow, update the rating, and then click Save again.


Once you assess all of the user’s skills, the assessment for this user will show up as complete on the previous page, and you will have the option to continue with the assessment of the rest of the users. Once you have completed all of the assessments, your request will also be marked as completed.

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