Understanding My ePortfolio

Within your ePortfolio, you can easily access and view your accomplishments within your academy. It keeps track of your badges, knowledge profile, and certificates.    

To find your ePortfolio, go to the Learner Workspace and select ePortfolio in the left navigation bar.


Based on what your admin has enabled, there are three different tabs found in the top navigation bar: Badges,  Knowledge Profile, and Certificates. 


Under Badges, you will find all of your Training -, Academy -, Group - and Game Badges and your Game Badges. See more under: Monitoring My Academy Games

Knowledge Profile 

Your Knowledge Profile contains graphs that provide you with information on the subjects you are inclined to in this Academy. You can learn more here: Understanding the Knowledge Profile


Here you can find all your internal (received through completing courses and learning paths within the academy) and external (uploaded by you) certificates. You can also download your certificates for personal use, see Printing My Certificate for more information.




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