Creating a Personal Goal

You may have the ability to set your personal goals around your academy's defined pillars, depending on if your academy allows it.

If you have not already checked which are the available goal types, please check them here first!

Select the Learner Workspace. Under Development, select Goals.


Click on the Create goal button to create a Personal Goal.

You will be redirected to the Edit Goal info page where you have to add some basic information for your goal! Select your Supervisor, add a title and a short description of your personal goal and define its type (numeric or not, increasing or not, etc.). As the last step, connect your personal goal with a specific Pillar and/or Area if needed, add the current and the target value, define a specific due date if desired, and don't forget to hit Save once finished!


Your Goal has been created!

On the About page of the goal, you can have a preview of all of the details you added during the creation along with the current progress. 


You can also create some tasks for you that will help you achieve the Goal, you can add some files/links that are related to this goal, and you can also associate specific courses if needed. Just click on the relevant tab and complete the setup of your goal!


You are now ready to start working on achieving your goal! Don't forget to update the current value every time that progress was made!

Under My goals you will be able to have an overview of all goals you are involved in.

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