Assigning Learning Paths to Team Members

In Schoox, you have three different options for assigning Learning Paths:

  1. assign Learning Paths to specific team members
  2. assign Learning Paths to a group of team members based on their job and location
  3. assign Learning Paths to academy groups (an option available only for Admins and Group Creators)

Please note: Only Admins, Training Managers and Managers with the Assign Training permission enabled can assign a Learning Path. See more under Defining Permissions per Job

Assigning a Selected Learning Path

One way to start assigning a learning path is to navigate to the desired learning path. Select the Training Admin Workspace. Then go to Manage Training -> Learning Paths in the left navigation menu. 


Find the the appropriate learning path, select the three-dot more icon, and then click Assign.

Then you can proceed to assign the learning path either individually or through set parameters.

Assigning One or More Learning Paths

If you want to select multiple Learning Paths at the same time, you can do this as well. Select the Team Workspace. On the left, under Self-paced Training, select Assign Training.



Select the Learning paths tab, and then the title of the appropriate learning path.


In the window that appears, check the box next to each appropriate learning path, and select Next.

Proceed to assign individually, by criteria, or by group.

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