Taking Attendance at Instructor Led In-Class Events

Those with the Register Members to Event permission can take attendance at in-class events.


To find the specific event, select the Team Workspace.

Under Instructor-Led Training on the left, select Event Registrants. Then, under In-class events, select the event from the list that appears.

Locate the specific session from the list, then Registrants from the Manage Event drop-down menu.

Taking Individual Attendance

Check the appropriate radio button in the Assessment column, indicating whether each attended or not. You can also adjust the actual attendance time, as well as their score, and add any needed notes. Save when finished.

You also have the option to mark all as attended from the drop-down.

NOTE: Mark all as attended will immediately register all as attended upon selecting OK. It is not recommended to mark all as attended to then go back and uncheck some.

Marking Attendance Via Upload

You also have the option to use a template to upload attendance for all registrants. Download the template, fill it out, and upload the spreadsheet using the respective buttons next to the search field.

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