Configuring Notifications per Exam

You not only have the option to set up an academy notification for all of the exams in your academy, as an Admin, you also have the option to set up notifications only for specific exams.

If you want to set up a notification for all the Exams in your Academy, you may read the following articles for more information: General Academy Notifications & Courses / Learning Path Notifications

Setting Up Specific Notifications

To find the Exam Notifications, locate the course in which the exam resides. Select the Training Admin Workspace. Under Manage Training on the left, select Courses. Then select the course from the list.


Select Manage Exams, then Manage Exam under the appropriate exam.

Under Notifications on the right, select Academy.

The notifications that are available at the exam-level are the following:





Editable / In-app

Failed all exam attempts

Exam Creator / Instructors / Unit Manager /  Assistant Unit Manager / Head of Above Unit / Assistant Head of Above Unit

To inform the exam creator that a user failed all of the exam attempts for a specific exam.

 Yes / No

Manager gets email notification when student has failed the exam

Admin/ Course Assignor/ Unit Manager/ Assistant Unit Manager/ Head of Above Unit/ Assistant Head of Above Unit/ Training Manager

To inform the admin/manager that a user failed an exam.

Yes / No


If nothing is configured for a specific email notification on the Exam page, you will see the following message “Currently, this email notification is being sent out based on your academy’s general notification settings. Any change in the following settings will only be applied for this specific exam.”. This way you can distinguish which notifications are configured on an Exam level for this Exam and which are not.

Once a change is made on a notification on the Exam level, then any change made on the academy level for this notification will not be applied to the specific Exam. From that point, only the configuration options made on this notification on the Exam level will define how and if this notification will be sent for this Exam. In this case, you will see the following message "Currently, this email notification is being sent out based on the following settings, which are specific to this exam.” which means that any changes made at the Academy level will not be applied for this notification on the Exam level. 

Last but not least, at the bottom of each notification, there is a button available, the “Restore to Academy Settings” button. By clicking this button the email notification will be restored to the settings configured on the academy level. This way you can restore the notification back to the academy level. Once you do this, any changes made on the Academy level will also be applied to this notification on the Exam level. 




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