Connecting Skills to On-the-Job Training

Once you, as an Admin, have selected the skills / skill groups that are relevant to your Academy, you and your managers with the relevant permission are ready to associate them with specific On the Job Trainings. Or more precisely with the tasks of your On the Job Trainings. The tasks must reflect the associated skills and the score on each task can then point to the jobs in which individuals may excel!

Advanced On the Job Training Settings

Before associating your skills with your On the Job Trainings, please note that if you want the assessments that your users will receive from the On the Job Trainings to be reflected on the skills' dashboards, then the On the Job Training type of assessment must be set to score under the Advanced Settings. Read more: Understanding Your Academy Settings

Associating Tasks with Skills

To associate the Tasks of the On the Job Trainings that you have permission to with skills, go to the Training Admin Workspace and then click Manage Training -> On the Job Training. 

You can click on the On-the-Job Training here to go to to the Manage On-the-Job training screen. 

Once you are in the On-the-Job Training panel, click on the Edit Tasks option. Here you can create more tasks for your OJT or edit the ones you have added in the past.

To associate a Task with skills, just click on the relevant button, select the skills and your selection will be autosaved.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process for the users who complete these tasks is usual. More specifically, the score that you give to your users as a task assessment will also be saved as a skill assessment for the connected skills. You can read more about how to evaluate your employees here: Evaluating On-the-Job Training

Please note that the task does not need to be signed off for the skill assessment to be logged. 

Reporting on these assessments

Once a user has been given a score for an OJT task that is connected with specific skills, this score will also be saved as a manual skill assessment for these skills. The actor for these skills assessments will be the manager who has given the OJT assessment. 

As these assessments are also saved as manual skills assessments, the will be included in the score calculations on the Skills Dashboards. You can read more on how to track your users' skill scores here: Tracking Assessments Per User, Job, and Skill

Moreover, when an Admin or the Manager that assessed the user head over to perform a manual assessment, they will be able to see this assessment below the connected skills, along with the actor and the OJT it came from. Read more on how to perform an assessment here: Performing an Assessment as a Manager


Please note that this assessment cannot be edited through the Perform Assessment page. 

Last but not least, the users will be able to find these assessments on their Personal Dashboard under the Skills. The assessment will display their manager's name along with the OJT they got this assessment on. Read more on the Skills Personal Dashboard here: Tracking Skills Personal Assessments / Progress


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