Utilizing The Academy Wall

The Academy Wall is a place where you can post status updates and see news of your peers' activities. Your Wall is found in the Social Workspace.

Based on how your Academy Admin has set it up, and on the permissions you have, the Wall can be used in different ways and you may be able to:

1) Make your own posts
In these posts, you can share text, emojis, useful URLs, and images or even share files. To do so, add the relevant text, URL, and/or files and click Share! The users in your team will be able to see the post. 

When adding a URL, file, or image you also have the option to: 

  • Save the URL, file, or image to the Academy Resources if you have the relevant permission.
  • Choose to not include a thumbnail. 


  • The files and pictures that you upload will be available to download by anyone viewing the post.
  • The limit of characters for each post is 1800, including the HTML characters. 

2) Filter the posts to locate your peer's posts more easily

To do so, you have two options:

  • Hide the autogenerated posts: Based on how your Admin has set up your Academy wall there may be autogenerated posts when an action is performed. You can hide these posts by checking this option!
  • Filter posts by organizational node: You can filter the posts based on the organizational node you are under. Select the node and only the posts from the users that are under this node will appear! 

3) Add a comment or a "like" reaction to another post

To do so, find the post you want to comment on, add your comment, and click Post Comment. Also, hit the Like! button if you want to like the post. 

4) Tag other members of the academy

You can tag other members in your posts/comments to inform them about a certain post. To do so, just add the @ symbol and start typing the name of the user that you need to tag. The user that is tagged will receive a notification about the comment.

5) Edit your posts or comments 

You may be able to also edit the posts and comments you have added to the Academy Wall if your Academy Admin has set this option. To do so, just click on the relevant Edit option, add your changes and click Save


Please note:

You can manage who is able to see your post on the wall.

The setting is under your profile, under Settings -> Privacy Settings. The highlighted options below are the choices for the wall.

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