Creating Organizational Templates

Finding Organizational Templates

If you want to create a template for assignment actions, you as an Admin can do this using Organizational Templates. These templates save the combination of Jobs and (Above) Units for repeat use. This will make assigning, unassigning or re-assigning training to certain groups of employees faster and easier.

In order to create a template, you need to make sure you are an Academy Admin. In the top right, navigate to the Academy Admin Workspace. When in this workspace, you will find Organizational Templates as an option in the navigation bar on the left.



Creating Organizational Templates

Now it is time to create the template.

  • Select the Job(s) you want to include in this template.
  • Select the desired Above Units and Units. You can use the drop-down menus to filter this by types to make it easier to find the needed fields.
  • If there are any custom fields set up for your Academy, you can filter users further by using the Choose Additional Fields dropdown.
  • Make sure to give your template an easy to remember name that reflects the employee selection. 


Note: Just as with regular (un)assignment rules, you create organizational templates that match more than one set. This can be done under Add More Rules. More information about combining two sets of rules can be found here: Combining (Un)Assignment Rules

Using Your Organizational Templates

When you have your template saved, Admins and Managers with the Assign Training permission enabled will be able to select the Organizational Template that has been created instead of having to manually select the group of employees again.

You will find the Organizational Template can be useful in many cases, such as the following:

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