Accessing My Assigned Training

In Schoox, you can find all of the training in which you are currently enrolled or that have been assigned to you under one place: the My Training page.

Make sure you are in the Learner Workspace.

On the left, under Training, select My Training.

My Training includes all of the courses, learning paths, instructor led events, and On-the-Job trainings you have either been assigned or to which you've enrolled. 

You will see four tabs:

  • My Courses
  • My Learning Paths
  • My Events
  • My On-the-Job Training

Selecting a tab will bring up its respective training. You can then use the filters and search bar to find specific items. You can also view the items as either a list or a grid.

Moreover, on the right side of the screen, you have the option to filter the training by Category.

Please note that the categories available to you will only be those associated with your specific training items. 

My Courses

Under the My Courses tab, you will find all courses that you are currently enrolled in or that you have been assigned.

The courses that have been assigned to you will be marked as ‘Required’, and include its due date if there is one.

Select More info, if desired. Otherwise, select the course's title to begin the training.

My Learning Paths

Under the My Learning Paths tab, you will find your learning paths.

Functionality is much the same here as in the My Courses tab.

My Events

Under the My Events tab, you will find all of your events. Here you can also filter by the calendar to locate specific events.

My On-the-Job Training

Under the My On-the-Job Training tab, you will find all Standalone or Course-Connected On the Job Trainings in which you are currently enrolled.

For each On the Job Training, you can see information such as the total number of tasks needed to complete it, your progress, and the connected course where applicable. Select the title to go in an complete your tasks.

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