Archiving Skills

If you have skills set up in your academy, you may find yourself at a point you are not using a skill, but want to keep the existing data on it. The best way to clean up your list of skills in this case is to archive the skill.

To archive skills, go to the Development Workspace and select Skills -> Manage Skills in the left navigation menu.

This will give you the full list of skills currently enabled in your Academy. To archive a skill, simply click on the Archive button next to it. This will move the skill to the Archived Skills tab, which can be found on the top navigation bar. 


What Happens if a Skill is Archived?

  • Once a skill is archived, it is removed from all the skill pages
  • If a job is connected to this skill, then once the skill is archived, the users' score in this job will be adjusted without this skill its scores included. 
  • If there are ongoing assessments when the skill is archived, the skill will not be removed from these assessments.
  • If there are future assessments that include this skill, the skill will be removed from these assessments. 

Archived Skills Tab

On the Archived Skills tab, you will see all the skills you have archived, along with the date you archived them. Here you can select to either restore the skill by clicking the Restore icon or delete it completely by clicking the Delete icon. 

If you restore the skill, it will become active again and show on all skills pages. Moreover, the scores will be adjusted for users that have previously had scores on this skill. 

Important: If you delete a skill you will not be able to restore it. This means that all scores and assessments related to this skill will be permanently deleted. The users' scores will remain as they were after the skill was archived. If this skill was involved in a request assessment, it will be completely removed from the request.

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