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Once you have selected the courses for your curriculum (read also: Creating a Learning Path), you have access to your Learning Path Settings through the Learning Path panel of created Learning Path.

Navigate to the Training Admin Workspace via the Workspace Launcher and then click on the Manage Training and select Learning Path. 

In the right side menu, you can see all of the available settings that you can edit.

Some of the options that you have are the following:

  • Edit your Learning Path image and info (e.g. title, description). Please note that you have the option to add an image either by uploading a new one or by selecting an image already uploaded in the Resources.
  • Add prerequisites to your Learning Path, Copy your Learning Path, Archive it or Delete it.
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  • Manage the courses in your Learning Path.
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  • Create In-Class Trainings and Live Sessions, related to this Learning Path.
  • Create and Manage Polls for your Learning Path.
  • Send Learning Path Announcements
  • Group Courses
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  • Invite members to enroll in your Learning Path and check the status of these invitations (e.g. pending).
  • Track your employees' progress on the Learning Path using the Learning Path Dashboard.
  • Assign (or Unassign) your Learning Path to your Employees.
  • Add extra instructors for this Learning Path , giving them the relevant permissions regarding this Learning Path (read also: Academy Role Permissions )
  • Create a custom badge for your Learning Path. The badge will be awarded upon Learning Path completion.
  • Configure scheduled notifications on the Learning Path level bypassing the default content that is set on the academy level! If you want to bypass global notifications settings for your Learning Path, and
    • schedule your notifications to have different frequency reminders OR
    • send a notification, although no notification should be sent out based on the global settings OR
    • not send a notification, although a notification should be sent out based on the global settings 

you can do so by setting up your scheduled notifications at a Learning Path level.

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