How can I track my Onboarding progress? [mobile app]

You can track your Onboarding progress via the mobile application, and see details and statistics about each Onboarding profile you have participated in. To find your personal Onboarding Dashboard, simply, select your name on the main navigation menu and hit on My Onboarding.


Here, you can see some statistics regarding your overall Onboarding progress, as well as, statistics for each Onboarding profile you are a member of. For example, you can see your average Onboarding Completion Rate and your On-Time Completion Rate. 


By selecting a specific Onboarding Profile, you will be redirected to the dashboard of that particular Profile. 


On this page you can see the following statistics:

1.  The day you were assigned this Profile and the day/week you are currently in.

2.  Your overall Training Completion Rate for this Profile.

3.  Your On Time/ Delayed Completion Rate for this Profile. 

4. Any Skill Assessments you had during this Profile.

5. Details related to the Profile's courses and time units.


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