How to add and delete an Academy wall post? [mobile app]

The Academy wall is a place where you can post status updates and see news of other members' activities. You can have a Wall on Schoox that can be used in different ways, based on how your Academy Admin has set it up. 

Based on the permissions you have, you may be able to:

1) Make your own posts

2) Delete your own posts (or others' posts if you have admin rights).


Make your own posts

To make an Academy post simply navigate on the main left side menu and select Wall


Click on the "+" symbol and fill in the desired message. You have also the option to add useful URLs and attachments to your wall post. To submit your wall message hit on Post!



Delete your own posts

To delete an Academy wall post simply select Wall on the left side menu, find the wall post in question and click on the "x" button on your right.



Important note:
A user with admin rights has the ability to delete a wall post even if it is not his own.

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