Registering Multiple Users to Multiple Events

In Schoox, individuals with the Register Members to Events permission enabled, can register multiple users to multiple events. This functionality applies only to registration based, non-auto approved In-Class Training and Virtual Events.

Note: Eligible users may depend on the where the event is. For example, only learners enrolled in or assigned the course in which an event is a part will be able to be registered for an event in that course.

Select the Team Workspace. Under Instructor-Led Training on the left, select Register Members.


Select the event AND specific event date from the appropriate list under In-Class Events or Virtual Events.

You can select individual users by filtering the users populating to those being associated with the desired organizational structure set by you or use the advanced registration functionality where users matching the criteria set by you can automatically be registered. You can also add a message if desired.

Individual Registration

Advanced Registration

As soon as all desired users are selected, it is time for the event selection. Events populating are all registration based, non-auto approved events depending on the background environment that the register multiple users to multiple events operates. For example, in the academy’s environment all standalone registration-based events with one or multiple offers (bundles) both upcoming or past populate. Accordingly, in the course environment, all course connected registration-based events populate. In a curriculum environment, the events available for multiple registrations are both curriculum connected ones and all course connected events for all courses within the curriculum. Moreover, you can select to show only upcoming events if desired.


Please note that attendance rules set during the bundle creation apply here as well. Only one offer can be selected when users can attend only one offer of the bundle whereas many event offers can be selected if allowed by the bundle’s settings. Furthermore, only one event can be selected per time period if attendance rules require only one offer within a time period. 

Moreover, if you have created an event bundle having the "users must attend all events" attendance rule selected, and once you click on the main event int his page you will notice that the selected user(s) will be automatically registered to all of the event offers.




Note: Only events that have yet to be initiated will appear in the list. One can no longer register for events that have been initiated.

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