Hands-on Applied Learning Sessions

What are the Applied Learning Sessions?

Join the Schoox team for a four-session learning series that can provide a refresher for those who already have some system knowledge as well as provide an understanding of the platform for new administrative users. This is a small-group training series to ensure all admins have the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and get individualized attention.

Who is this series meant for?

This training series is for new and existing administrators with academy access.

What's included?

This series will include video-based pre-work and four hands-on training sessions.

Topics covered in each session:

  • Session 1: Navigation, Users, and the Hierarchy
  • Session 2: Library and Courses
  • Session 3: Exams, On-the-Job Trainings, and Curriculum
  • Session 4: Assigning and Reporting

What does it cost?

The entire series plus private session is $1,500 per person.

When do the sessions start?

You can find upcoming 2024 training cohort start dates below. Click on the date(s) you're interested in to see the full cohort's dates and times in the Schoox School Academy Marketplace.

Upcoming Cohort Start Dates for 2024

Completing the Coursework

In order to complete the video-based coursework, you will need to navigate to your purchased courses by clicking this link to the Schoox School Marketplace, logging in with the username and password you used to purchase the course, and then navigating to Learn>Personal Courses

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