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Welcome to Schoox! Now that you have access to your Academy, it is up to you to decide which direction you are taking the learner experience. With many different features made to optimize the experience, we put together this article which will point you to articles discussing some of the most frequently used aspects of the Academy, so that you can feel like a pro in no-time at all.

Organizational Structure

The Organizational Structure is the foundation of how the members in your Academy are organized. It gives you flexible options to separate the members by their location, department, roles, and more. The Above Units and Units you use for your members are used all the time when assigning users to courses and learning paths, or to create automated rules based on a selection.

Understanding Your Academy's Organizational Structure
Setting Up Your Academy's Organizational Structure

Members and Roles

When new members are added to the Academy, they default to having the Learner role. This gives them all the access of a Learner. They can access public and assigned courses and learning paths, see their own progress, partake in social aspects in the Academy that are set up.

Depending on their responsibilities and the access they need, members can be given different roles, such as Admin, Training Manager, Content Manager or Professional Instructor. Roles open up more permissions specific to the role. For example, a Training Manager can be set to be able to assign courses and learning paths, or view the reporting.

Adding Members to Your Academy

Inviting Members to Join Your Academy

Manage Members Options

Removing/Deactivating Team Members

Mapping Team Members

Assigning Academy Roles

Academy Role Permissions

Branding your Academy
Within your Academy, you can change certain options to make the layout fit your organizations branding.

Customizing Your Academy's Look (Branding)
Image Size Requirements in Schoox
Replacing Academy Labels
The Different Workspaces

Navigation is spread out over the different Workspaces. Which ones you have access to depends on your role and permissions within the Academy.

Learner: The Learner Workspace is the place to go to find your assigned training, check out library material, or check in on how you're doing as a learner. Everyone has access to the Learner Workspace.

Social: In the Social Workspace, you can read posts on the academy wall, or read your messages. You can check out the leaderboard, and if you’re a manager, create and distribute badges to those who earned them.

Team: The Team Workspace is all about taking care of your team through assignments, reports, and announcements.

Training Admin: The Training Admin Workspace is about the creation of training material and exams, as well as polls and notifications.

Development Admin: The Development Admin Workspace is for the HR professional who needs to concentrate on how training can be organized to further learners in their career.

Business Impact: The Business Impact Workspace is where you can create and keep track of KPI's used by your organization.

Academy Admin: The Academy Admin Workspace is reserved for the setup and maintenance of the academy itself. Here is where the administration of the academy is done, and administrators go here to set up and change settings relating to the academy. The organizational structure, members, branding, academy wide notifications, and academy settings are found here.

Courses and Learning Paths
Courses and Learning Paths are how the training in Schoox takes place. Courses are a collection of multiple lectures, which can be a mix of SCORM files, uploaded videos, linked videos, documentation, on-the-job trainings, and events. Often, the purpose of a course is to focus on one subject. Learning Paths are a collection of multiple courses, often to go deeper into a specialized route.

Courses and Learning Paths are created using the Training Admin Workspace and assigned using the Team Workspace. Learners can then find and take them using the Learner Workspace. 

Creating a Course
Creating a Learning Path
Understanding Learning Paths
Assigning Training
Assigning Multilanguage Learning Paths
Enrolling In a Course
Enrolling In a Learning Path
Accessing My Assigned Training Creating On-the-Job Training
Creating Virtual Events
Creating In-Class Events Navigating the Course Listings Page
You have a library of resources at hand, both for the Academy in general, as well as your personal resources. This can be anything from the lectures you are using in your courses, for easy access and re-use, to documentation you want to upload.

Adding Library Content
Managing my Library Categories
Promoting / Ordering Library Items

Gamification and Leaderboards
The Social Workspace is all about the learners working together. Part of this is the games and leaderboards you can set up within your Academy to allow members to earn points based on various tasks.

Creating Games
Managing Leaderboards
Creating an Academy Badge

Reporting and Dashboards
Knowing what is happening, how your learners are progressing, and the status of compliance trainings are all easy to find within Schoox using our reporting and dashboard functionalities.

Using the Report Builder
Report Builder: Frequently Asked Questions

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